AlwaysS 1.0.6a

NOTE: This has not been updated recently. I temporarily stopped work on this after realizing that many website hosts that host content over SSL will not always allow all files to be hosted over SSL. The ironic part is that most of the time those unencrypted scripts could be used to add in redirects and bypasses to pull unencrypted data to the browser. While AlwaysS would still be able to convert all the links to HTTPS links, it also cannot stop the scripts from executing if you allow the unencrypted content. I keep it around in case I decide to work on it again, or someone wants to check it out.

AlwaysS is a Firefox Extension that attempts rewrite all the HTTP links on your current page to link as HTTPS. This stops sites from switching over to insecure browsing to save resources, while compromising your data. It also reduces the chance of someone being able to MITM your connection by rewriting all of your https links to http. This makes it so they cannot stop the browser from going back into secure mode.

Install AlwaysS 1.0.6a!

NOTE: By installing this addon, you take full responsibility for any damages caused by it's use.
While I have never had it cause any problems besides displaying pages improperly, I make no guarantees of its safety.

The addon appears on the bottom right of the window, near your status bar.
It toggles on and off, rewriting the links on the current page upon being enabled,
and attempting rewrite of all links on the page afterwards.

NOTE: This is still in testing, and it works now, but has some bugs.
For instance, some javascript can get around the link rewrite.
I am still working on this - I have corrected some of the javascript updating so far.

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