SysNOP System Call Modifier Download

See LICENSE.txt for license info.

Download SysNOP 1.0.2 - Designed and tested on XP and 2K
MD5: 55ee4ce799796a18c43d10361c5a8b33
SHA1: 731c0b6144f7a27f188d0fc16102d0de859da6d7

Remember to unregister authentication when upgrading versions. The password hashing algorithm may change as I might occasionally adjust it to provide better hashing characteristics.

This is a project I originally designed for my own personal use a little while ago, but I have since modified it for anyone to be able to use. If you find anything that causes a kernel panic while using the tool, send an email to the contact info with details on what caused it or what you were doing when it happened, as well as the actual bluescreen data, if possible. I will try to get the problem resolved if I can, but I make no claims to it working with every possible system configuration. It is really still in testing, and not a totally finalized product yet - please let me know if you find any bugs while testing it out.

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